Here at Irvine BMW, we are always waiting for the latest release from the BMW brand that can have a positive impact on your driving experience. The BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe is a modern twist on the classic style from the German automaker with a range of features in the cabin that can make it easy for you to enjoy any journey. The sporty interior of the Gran Coupe brings with it a range of technological features that include an 8.8-inch touchscreen that gives you access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The First Illuminated Interior

The modern twist on the classic BMW design of the Gran Coupe has been given an increased level of technology with the addition of ambient lighting that can help you create a better standard of technological innovation. The ambient lighting makes all the difference in setting the mood in your BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe that puts you in control and gives you an individual sense of style that can be enjoyed no matter where you are in town.

A Compact Coupe with Ample Space

Once you slip behind the steering wheel of the BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe, you will usually be concerned with the performance supplied by the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. However, your passengers will be impressed with the ample legroom that is available for all your passengers and enough cargo space to ensure every grocery shop is large enough to keep everybody happy.

Easy to Access Technology

There are many areas of technology that can be enjoyed with the BMW 2-Series Gran Coupe that puts you in control of every aspect of your car. The touchscreen is positioned at the top of the dashboard and is slightly angled forward to give you the easiest options for using the infotainment center of the Gran Coupe. The inclusion of the much-needed Apple CarPlay and Android Auto apps that turn your Gran Coupe into an extension of your mobile device to keep you connected as you move through town.

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