A New BMW 530e is the Plug-in Hybrid Luxury Sedan Perfect for Many Around Irvine

One aspect that makes the BMW 5 Series such a popular luxury sedan is the many options and models it is available as, which includes a wide range of powertrains. Well, for those that want the sophistication and smarts of the 5 Series with an eco-friendly option, the BMW 530e is the model to look at. This plug-in hybrid model allows drivers to get around with just the use of an electric motor, or you can combine that motor with the gas one for a rush of power not in every car. Check out our inventory of the new 530e on this page and get some info on it below.

BMW 530e Inventory | Irvine, CA


The biggest draw of the BMW 530e is the motor, and it is impressive. Drivers will enjoy a range of almost 30 miles with all-electric, zero-emissions driving on a full charge and an EPA-estimated 72 MPGe. But, the 530e differs from the hybrid stereotypes by delivering thrills as the dual-motor system works flawlessly and has a combined 248 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque. Plus, it is available with wireless charging so that you don't have to mess around with cords when getting the battery to full charge.

Luxurious Rides

The thrills and comfort of the BMW 530e luxury hybrid sedan are clear to see, and feel, and a variety of lavish materials and smart tech make driving even better. Your experience is one of sophistication in the 530e as you enjoy everything from available ventilated seats with 16-way power adjustability to standard frontal collision warning with pedestrian detection to the BMW Navigation system with 3-D maps layout, which makes getting around so much easier.

There are several options and packages available for the new BMW 530e, and you'll see the various models we have for sale on this page. Have questions? You're always welcome to call, visit, or e-mail if you want to find out more about our dealership and new BMW models. We're just off of I-5 in Irvine and close to the Irvine Research Center!